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Ive been down at the old Bally shoe factory today…
starting to paint my elephant.
Here it is virgin white before i started.

EDIT: Mine sold for £4200!

Hi… a few people were asking about the page flip code…

you can get it here:

click the link to download the basic version for free. (thats the one i used)

It can be a little bit tricky to use so if you need any help just ask me!



Here are some screen grabs of the basic FLR website set up so far… the book and hot coffee are animated. (book opens and user can turn the pages. A pen also writes some of the text)





This is my beautiful assistant Jonathan taking pictures of an exercise book and creating a stop motion animation for the book opening action.

A Friend of mine made this video for a film competition:

Normally shes a life saving nurse and its her first time doing something like this… she came to Norwich to film it over christmas… amazingly her 60 second movie took 4 days to film!  she was an extremely demanding director…. Her ego went totally mad during filming and she even instructed me to get something out of her back pocket for her at one point..

vote for her after jan 28th so we can go to the baftas!


Well…. flashmans lovelife hasnt really developed over the christmas period but i have reached chapter 11 of 14 in my flash book without his help. Its becoming a bit more natural and intuitive now and i have started drawing/animating some of my characters from my website designs.

Also a wacom tablet is a massive improvement over track pad when drawing onto a computer!

My Flash skills have increased slightly and flashman has been able to start wooing his ladyfriend.


My flash book arrived today… (-:


Im finding it much much easier to learn from this than the net tutorials.


So far chapter one has been stuff ive already covered… i drew this little flash man. The book didnt really express that i should draw him but he just happened.. maybe he will become animated in chapter two.

Graham my boiler man visited today. Ive now seen the insides on the two boilers in my house and they have inspired me to try and build my hybridizing machine in photoshop.

Im going to call her the HYBRIDIZER 2000.

Here are a couple of the inspirational pics of my two boilers: