I bought a book on ebay to help me with sewing the Hybrid Pets for MDA1….

I sensed it wasnt my best ever buy when i saw that the first project was ‘making a place mat vest’

Jan Saunders Maresh writes:

“this vest is the very definition of versitile – it looks great with jeans or over a turtleneck or summer dress, and you can make it (using only 4 placemats!) for anyone from a petite 10 year old to a generously proportioned adult”

dsc05887.jpgThe second project is: creating a placemat jacket….

the photo to the left shows the stylish placemat vest and jacket. (the pattern didnt mention how its possible four placemats could make a vest for a ‘generously proportioned adult’)


here are some beautiful shirts you will probably see me wearing at the art school soon…

anyway… if anyone wants to own this book im selling my copy on ebay right now…

On another note: this is worth looking at:

Lars Van Trier with Yogan Leth a dogma collaboration called the 5 obstructions.. The perfect human.

creativity within limitations… The limitations set by Lars Van trier included Рmust be made in Cuba, budget of $5000, 2 actors and no single shot more than 15 frames.